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Payroll Tax Credit Report

If you have taken any payroll tax credits under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (the sick and family leave credit) or the CARES Act (Employee Retention Credit), and you’re a full-service payroll customer, you may find the Payroll Tax Credit Report helpful to determine what credits you have used and what credits are remaining.

To access the Payroll Tax Credit Report, go to:

Report > Payroll Tax Filings > Payroll Tax Credit Report

The summary for each credit period is displayed with the most recent credit period on top.

  • The tax name – “Federal” is inclusive for all federal income, Social Security, and Medicare taxes
  • Earned tax credits
  • Used tax credits
  • Remaining tax credits
  • Start of the credit period (quarter beginning date)
  • End of the credit period (quarter end date)

Want more detailed information? Click the details icon to the right of the report to expand the details of each summary date.

The detailed view will also give you the status of each payroll tax credit. Here are what the statuses mean:

  • Outstanding – The tax credit has a remaining balance which you will be eligible to receive.
  • Credited – The tax credit has no remaining balance. It has been fully applied by other payroll liabilities.
  • Voided – The tax credit was voided due to a voided payroll.
  • Refund requested – A credit has been requested by filing IRS form 7200 in the software.
  • Closed – The tax credit was closed due to the cancelation of your Patriot account. You’ll need to file for any ‘closed’ credits on your own. 

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