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Patriot Software Customer Referral Program


As a Patriot Software customer, you may invite your friends and colleagues to try Patriot’s accounting and payroll software.  You must be a direct customer of Patriot for six months in order to be eligible to participate in the referral program.  When your referred friends sign up and are successfully billed after two months after their 30-day trial, both you and your friend will receive a digital $75 gift card of your choice.

This referral program only applies to direct customers of Patriot Software. If you are a Partner, details about your customer referral program are found in your Partner Center in the software.

How to invite your friends to try Patriot

When you log in to your Patriot account, if you are eligible to participate in the Referral Program, you will see a link at the top of any page, “Refer a friend, get $75!”  From here, you can copy your unique referral link to then post as you wish – on your social media pages, text, email, etc.  Your referral would click the link to sign up with your referral code, so you can get credit when they sign up.

You can also invite someone directly with our automatic email.  

Enter your friend’s email address, and enter an optional personal note.  

Click “Preview the message” to see the full email message that Patriot will send to your friend.

Click “Send.”  

Your friend will immediately receive an email invitation from “” with your code.  When they click the button in the email to accept the invitation, you will get credit when they sign up.

Tracking Your Invitations

Each friend that signs up with either your direct link or the email invitation will appear in Section 2 of the “Refer a friend”l page.  The list will show their email address, the date they were invited, and their status.  Status choice are: 

  • Waiting for signup – Your referral has been emailed an invitation
  • Waiting for second billing – Your referral has clicked the link and signed up with Patriot 
  • You’ve earned $ – Your referral has been successfully billed for two months of service with Patriot, and you both have been paid with a gift card.

Redeeming Your Gift Card

When your referral has met the requirements to be paid the gift card (two successfully billed months of service), both you and your referral will receive an email notification and instructions on how to redeem your gift card.

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