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Patriot Payroll: Payroll Software in the Cloud

One of the great features of Patriot Payroll online payroll software is that because the service takes advantage of cloud computing technology, there’s nothing that you need to download, upload, anything. With our payroll software, all updates are automatic!

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is simply an industry term meaning computer programs or applications that you can access through the Internet. With Patriot, your payroll data is securely stored on our secure web servers instead of your personal computer. You don’t need to worry about backing up your payroll data on your own hard drive. If your computer fails, your payroll data is still safe with us.

Cloud computing technology also makes it convenient to run payroll anywhere you are. So for example, if you forget to run your weekly payroll at the office, you can still pay your employees from the comfort of your living room with our payroll software. You can run payroll on mobile devices, (phone or tablet), or on desktop. You do you.

SSL Encryption

We take the security of your data seriously. With Patriot Payroll, we protect your data with an SSL encryption process (secure socket layer encryption), which banks and credit card companies also use to protect customer data.  Check out our “About Us” page for more details about how Patriot takes your data seriously.

Automatic Updates

As a Patriot Payroll user, you can count on your payroll software to be updated at all times. You don’t have to worry about using outdated payroll tax tables. Patriot Payroll automatically updates all federal and state and local payroll withholding tables.

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