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New Hire Report

The New Hire Report shows everyone hired or rehired within a specific date range, listing name, Social Security number, address, gender, birthdate, hire date, and rehire date, if applicable.  You can find this report under Reports > HR Reports > New Hires.

This report can help you keep track of which employees need to be reported to your state, in accordance with new hire reporting requirements. For more on your state’s new hire reporting laws, check with your state’s department of labor, or check out our New Employer Information by State page (select your state >> “Report New Hires”).

Using the Report

  • By default, the report will show anyone with a hire date or most recent rehire date for the previous month. To change the date range, enter new dates at the top, and click “Run Report.”
  • Sort the order of a column by clicking the up or down arrows.
  • Print the report as a PDF document, or download a spreadsheet as a .csv file.

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