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New Hampshire Unemployment Insurance Setup in Patriot Software


If you are an employer in the state of New Hampshire, you will have two separate tax rates for Unemployment Insurance:

  1. The Unemployment Insurance (UI) Rate
  2. A surcharge tax called the Administrative Contribution (AC) Rate.

You will receive a notice from the New Hampshire Employment Security Department with both tax rates for your business.  If you are a Full-Service Payroll customer, Patriot Software will deposit and file both taxes for you.  To get your tax rates, see the NHES Tax Rate Chart. For more information, see the NHES Employer Handbook.  New employers in New Hampshire, check out our New Hampshire New Employer Information for  your SUTA (State Unemployment Tax Assessment) rate.

How to Add New Hampshire Unemployment Rates in Patriot Software

As a new customer going through the Payroll Setup Wizard, you will be asked to enter both tax rates.  To update your rates after you finish the wizard, go to Settings > Payroll Settings > State Unemployment Rates

Find the New Hampshire Administrative Contribution and click “Edit” beside the field.  You’ll need to enter each tax rate one at a time.

  • Enter an Effective Date
  • Enter the Administrative Contribution Tax Rate.
  • Click Save.
  • Click Confirm to save the rate change.

Repeat the same steps for the Unemployment Rate.  You will need to update these rates when you receive your annual notice from NHES.  A history of your former rates will be recorded.

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