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Enable Notifications in the Mobile App

Push notifications are short messages that pop up on your phone, even when you aren’t using the app. You can choose which alerts you want to receive, like reminders to submit your timesheet or updates on when it’s approved. This way, you can stay on top of key events without ever having to open the app itself.

How to Enable Push Notifications on Your Phone

Be sure you have downloaded the most recent version of the My Patriot app from the Apple Apps Store or Google Play Store.

You will be asked to “Allow Notifications.” “Yes” will take you to the settings page. “No” will not allow push notifications through the mobile app.

Enabling or changing push notifications can be changed at any time by going to
Profile > Push Notification Preferences and selecting or deselecting the push notification options.

  • All notifications – every notification below is enabled
  • Nudges – Reminders to complete your time card from your manager
  • Comments – Manager comments on your time card
  • Time Card Approval – Manager approved your time card
  • Time Card Rejected – Manager rejected your time card

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