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Massachusetts Employee Tax Withholding Help


When you pay employees in Massachusetts, you will need to set up their tax allowances as they indicated on their tax withholding form. For more information and complete instructions, see the Massachusetts Employee’s Withholding Exemption Certificate.

How To Set Up Massachusetts Employee Taxes in Patriot Software

For new customers adding employees in the wizard, the employee tax withholding info is found under the Tax Information page for the employee.  For employees added after you complete the wizard, you will be prompted to enter their tax information under Payroll > Employees > Employee List > Click the Employee Name > Taxes > Edit.

These fields are under the “State and Local Withholding” section.

Full Time Student:  If the employee is a full-time student engaged in seasonal, part-time, or temporary employment, and their annual estimated income is less than $8000, choose Yes.

Head of Household:  If the employee will file as head of household on their state income tax return, choose Yes.

Personal Blindness:  If the employee is blind, choose Yes.

Spouse Blindness:  If the employee’s spouse is blind and not subject to withholding, choose Yes.

Total Allowances:  This is the total number of exemptions in Line 4 of the income tax withholding form.


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