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Managing Company Work Locations


As a Patriot Software payroll customer, you can create multiple company work locations if you do business in more than one location.  You can add work locations in different states to handle payroll taxes, if needed, and your employees will have proper payroll taxes calculated based on their assigned work location. Please note, you can only run one location per employee per payroll run.

Adding Company Work Locations as a New Patriot Software Customer

As a new customer in the setup wizard, you will be asked if your business has more than one location.  Note:  If you have employees who work primarily from home, you do not need to set up a work location for each employee.  Work locations are your company’s physical places of business, not your telecommuting employees’ homes.  To add a location, click “Yes” and add a nickname for your location, the address, and optional phone number.

Once all of your business work locations have been added, you will need to enter the appropriate tax information, including state unemployment tax (SUTA) rates (for all basic payroll customers) and state/local tax account numbers (for full-service payroll customers).  You will then assign a work location as you add each employee.  This will ensure that the correct taxes are calculated as you pay your employees.  For more details, see Assigning Work Locations to Employees.

Managing Company Work Locations

After you have completed the set-up wizard, you can manage your list of company work locations under Settings > Company Settings > Manage Locations.  

To Add a New Location

  • Click the “Add New” link.
  • Add a location Nickname, address, and phone (optional).
  • The “Departments at this location” field will be shown if you have set up departments for your company. Check the departments needed in the dropdown. For more information, please read our help article, Managing Payroll Departments.
  • Click Save.

This location will now appear in various dropdown lists for assigning to employees or filtering payrolls.

To Edit a Location

  • Click the Nickname list to edit the location.
  • Enter any edits needed to the nickname, address, phone, or Active status.  Note, once this location has been used in a payroll, you may only edit the nickname, phone, and Active status, not the address.
  • Click Save.

To Inactivate a Location

If a location is no longer used, you must first reassign any employees assigned to that location to another active location before inactivating.  

  • Click the Nickname list to edit the location.
  • Uncheck the “Active” box.
  • Click Save.

Inactive locations will only appear in your Company Locations list if you click the “Show Inactives” link.

Deleting a Location

If the location has not yet been assigned to employees and used in a payroll, you may delete the location by clicking the trashcan icon at the end of the row.  Otherwise, if the location has been used in a payroll, the trashcan icon will not appear, and the location cannot be deleted.  It can only be inactivated.

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