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How do I delay my tax collection?

As a Full Service Payroll Customer, Patriot will normally collect the payroll taxes one banking day before your pay date. If you determine that you will have insufficient funds in your bank account on that day, you can request to delay the tax collection no later than one banking day before your tax collection date.

IMPORTANT:  Any tax collection delay may result in late fees and penalties with federal, state, and/or local tax agencies.

To move your tax collection date, please call our Support team at 877-968-7147 option three, then option one between our business hours of 9 am to 7 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. (FYI: immediately entering 31 will bypass the menu and direct you to support.) You may also chat with a representative during these hours.   Please do not send an email without first speaking or chatting with a representative so we are aware of the situation and can make arrangements to delay the collection. You will need to let us know the exact date you want the tax to be collected; we cannot determine this for you.

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