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Granting Patriot Access to your Texas Workforce Commission Account


Full Service Payroll customers doing business in the state of Texas will need to grant Patriot permission to access your Texas Workforce Commission account, so we can pay and file your state unemployment taxes.  

How do I know if I am the administrator on the account?

If you have the User Admin tab in the header, you should be set up as an administrator. If you do not see that, go through these steps:

  1. From the home screen, select Request Employer Access
  2. Enter your company’s TWC account number
    1. If you get this message, “A message has been sent to the account administrator email address on file. You will receive an email notification once the account administrator has either approved or denied your request for access.” that means that someone else is set up as the administrator for your company. You will need to contact them to get access to your account.
  3. If there is no administrator set up for your company, you will be prompted to enter the date from your Employer Liability Notice. Enter the Date and click Submit.

  4. You should now be set up as the administrator and Patriot can now request access to your TWC account. Please submit the Texas SUI Authorization form in your Patriot account and we will then request access.

I didn’t get the email. How can I approve Patriot’s request?

Once Patriot has requested access to your TWC account, you should receive an email from the TWC. However, if you do not receive the email you can still approve Patriot’s request by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) account
  2. Go to the User Admin tab
  3. Select Applicant List
  4. You should see Patriot Software in the list of applicants. In that row, select Review.
  5. Select Approve.
  6. Check off the Manage Wage Reports, Make Payment, and View Payment permissions.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Once this is submitted, Patriot will be notified and we will approve the TPA on our end.

What if I can’t get an account number yet?

If you are a new employer and the state will not allow you to register for an account number yet, you will not be able to complete this form. Therefore, we ask that you submit the form and then contact our support team via chat, email, or phone. Our support team will be able to bypass this requirement for you.

However, keep in mind that once you are able to get an account number you will need to contact us again so that we can request access to file returns on your behalf.

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