Employee W-2 Summary Report

September 30, 2015


The Employee W-2 Summary report shows a preview of the information that will be printed on the employee Form W-2. This is helpful at the end of the year, when confirming that income is properly reported.

To find the W-2 Summary Report:

Payroll > Reports > Payroll Tax Reports > W-2 and W-3 Summary.

  • Select “Employee W-2 Summary” Report.
  • You can select any employees or “All.”
  • Select the tax year, and click Run Report. The W-2 Box Number, Description, and Amount will appear.
  • If you need to make changes to the amounts shown, you can run an additional payroll, or enter a Payroll Edit.

Note: Box 13, in which you will mark whether Statutory Employee, Retirement Plan, and Third Party Sick Pay applies to this employee, can be changed on the employee’s Payroll Info screen.


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