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Direct Deposit Fees

Patriot Software provides an easy, convenient, and affordable way to offer direct deposit of paychecks to employees. See our Direct Deposit FAQs page for more details.

Please note that the fees below ARE NOT typical for an account on a regular basis, and most regular ACH employee direct deposits are free of charge. Fees are only charged when a procedure is necessary to ensure that a received payroll file will be processed for the requested pay date.

Direct Deposit Fee Schedule

Fee Name Fee Description Fee Cost
Company Payroll Return Assessed when sufficient funds are not present in your bank account to fund the payroll amount. $50.00
Correction Request Assessed when your employee or contractor’s bank account sends a Notice of Change due to incorrect account information. $7.50
Credit Return Assessed when payroll is unable to be deposited into an employee or contractor’s bank account. $10.00
Wire Transfer – Incoming Domestic Assessed when money must be wired to Patriot to fund a payroll. $15.00 per bank wire

This list may not be all inclusive. Patriot Software has the right to bill you for any charges incurred that may not be listed here.

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