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Departments in Payroll Report

You can report on the employer’s cost of payroll dollars based on locations and departments for your employees. For more details, see Managing Payroll Departments.

Go to Reports > Payroll Reports > Departments In Payroll.

  • By default, payrolls from the current month will be included. Enter a new start or end date if needed. Note that this report will only include payrolls where departments were used.
  • By default, all of your work locations will be included. If you have more than one work location, select the locations you want to include.
  • By default, all departments will be included.  Select the departments you want to include.
  • Click Run Report.
  • Click the “Download Spreadsheet” link to have the report exported in a spreadsheet.

The report will show the work location, department, gross wages, employer taxes, employer contributions (if they are set up), and totals for each location and department.

If you make changes to an employee’s departments or allocations, the report will show what was in place at the time of the payroll run.

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