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Creating Email Groups to Ensure All Contacts Receive Patriot Emails

Patriot Software currently allows only one contact person per account.  While Patriot does not directly allow this in your account, you may be able to create email groups to ensure all necessary contacts receive emails from Patriot.

How to set up email groups depends on what email system you use. Here are a few options. 

Gmail groups

Gmail does not allow users to create groups inside the email interface itself. Instead, you must create a group in Google Contacts. 

To create a group in Google Contacts:

  • Go to
  • Click “Create Label” on the left side.
  • Name the new label.
  • Select “Save.”
  • Click “Contacts” on the left side.
  • Add the contacts you want to put in the group.
  • Select the “Label” flag icon at the top of the window.
  • Choose the group label name for the selected contacts.
  • Select “Apply.”

This solution allows you to easily send important emails from Patriot Software to all individuals in the email group. Forward the email you receive from Patriot to your email group. 

At this time, Gmail does not allow users to automatically forward emails to groups. 

Outlook groups

If your business uses Outlook email, you have the option to create contact groups. Formerly, the contact group was known as a “distribution list.” 

Use the following steps to create a contact group in Outlook:

  • Click “People” on the navigation bar.
  • Select the folder where you want to create and save the contact group under “My Contacts.”
    • You may need to select “Contacts” first. 
  • Select “New Contact Group.”
  • Name the contact group. 
  • Click “Add Members” to add people from your address book or contact list. 
  • Click “Save & Close” to create the new contact group. 

To automatically forward emails from Patriot in Outlook:

  • Make sure your Outlook account is in Mail view. 
  • Select “Rules” on the top navigation bar. 
  • Click “Create Rule” in the drop-down menu.
  • Select “Advanced Options…” in the lower right corner of the “Create Rule” box. 
  • Create the conditions for the rule. In this case, forward the emails to another email address. 
  • To specify that all emails from a specific sender be forwarded, click the checkbox for “Through the specified account.”
  • In Step 2, click “Specified” and choose the email account you want to act on. 
  • Click “Next.”
  • Select the checkbox for “Forward it to people or public group.”
    • Select your contact group as the recipient of the forwarded emails.
  • Click “Next.”
  • If applicable, choose exceptions to the rule (e.g., “Do not forward emails containing specific words or phrases”). 
  • Give the rule a name and click “Finish.”

Yahoo Mail groups

To create an email group in Yahoo Mail:

  • Select “Contacts” in the Yahoo Mail navigation bar. 
  • Choose “Lists” and select “Create a List.”
  • Name the contact list.
  • Add at least one email address to the contacts list in the “Add Contact” section.
  • Save the list. 

At this time, Yahoo does not allow automatic forwarding of emails from one specific email address to a contact list. Yahoo Mail dropped the feature in January 2021. 

When you receive an email from Patriot, forward the email to the contact list you created. 

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