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Communicating the Contractor Portal to Your Contractors

With the Patriot Software Contractor Portal, you can give your contractors access to their payments and direct deposit info. To give contractors access, you will need to send an invitation to register for the contractor portal.  For more details, see Contractor Portal Registration Access.

We encourage you to draft a letter or an email to your contractors to explain how to log in and take full advantage of their contractor portal. Use our example here, or craft your own:

Sample Letter to Contractors

Dear {Name}

As a contractor for {Your Company Name}, you will receive an email to register for the contractor portal.  You will create your username and password, and log into the secure website at Inside the contractor portal, you can

  • View your payments.
  • View and edit your personal information.
  • Add direct deposit banking information. (Note to client: if you offer direct deposit.)
  • Change your username and password.

The contractor portal is designed to be easy to use, but if you need help logging in or have questions, click any help icons for answers. If you forget your username or password, click the “Forget Username” or “Forget Password” links on the portal login page for assistance.
{Your Name}

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