Co-Branding Patriot Software for Your Clients

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Co-Branding Patriot Software for Your Clients

As a Patriot Software Advisor, you have the option to co-brand your logo into the software. When you add your clients, they will see your brand styling instead of Patriot’s design.

To co-brand your software go to

  • Partners > Partner Program > Co-brand Your Software.
  • Check the box “Co-brand your software.”
  • Upload your company logo.
  • The logo will display on a neutral light background. We recommend using a darker logo on a transparent background. This can be a png. or jpg. file.

Your logo would replace Patriot’s logo in the top left corner of each page. You can also give your clients a non-branded website address to use,,  instead of The co-branded employee portal site is

The co-branded service is “powered by Patriot Software” because Patriot Software is the Reporting Agent if your clients have Full-Service Payroll. Patriot will collect, deposit, and file your clients’ payroll taxes. To ensure that Patriot only communicates with you, the Advisor, and not your clients, be sure to enter your own email address and phone number when adding your company contact information.

For more information about Patriot’s Co-Branding option, please contact

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