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Change an Hourly Pay Rate During Payroll


Sometimes you may not have made the appropriate changes to employee pay rate before you begin entering data on payroll step one. To create a better workflow, we’ve created a feature that will allow you to make changes to employee pay rates, either for a one-time payroll or moving forward.

How to Make Hourly Rate Changes “On the Fly” During Payroll

  1. On payroll step one, click the employee’s name.
Example of employee name link on payroll step one

2. A module will appear with the current pay rates, roles, and departments (if used).

3. Make the appropriate changes to the hourly pay rate and any existing information to update the employee’s hourly rate information.

4. Select the appropriate radio button to indicate if this change is just for this payroll or for current and future payrolls.

5. Click “Save Pay Information.”

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