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Catching Up Uncollected Deductions in Patriot Software

If there are deductions not withheld that need to be caught up in an employee’s paycheck, you will need to add the uncollected amount to the regular amount and change this on the employee’s deduction screen for however many payrolls that the catch-up should occur.

EXAMPLE:  John has a medical deduction of $100.00 per pay.   Due to a leave of absence, John’s pay on October 1st was not enough to cover the scheduled medical and dental deductions needed.  The October 1st payroll register shows that both his medical and dental deductions were not taken.  We will catch up all of the missed deductions on his next pay.

The next time payroll is run for October 15, you would change John’s medical deduction amount to $200 ($100 regular + $100 catch up).  At the time the October 15th payroll is run, the additional amounts will be deducted.

It is important to remember to go back to the employee’s deduction screen and  change the deductions back to the regular amounts after the catch-up amounts have been deducted.  Otherwise, the higher deduction will continue to be taken in future payrolls.

Limits and Deduction Catch-ups

If the deduction you are catching up has a monthly or annual limit in place, you may need to override the monthly limit if you are catching up deductions in a different month, or override the annual limit if you are catching up deductions in a different year.  To do this, you will need to increase the limit by the amount of the catch-up before the payroll is run.  Otherwise the limit will prevent the catch up amount from being taken.

EXAMPLE:  Using the same scenario above, let’s assume John only missed his second pay of the month on October 15th.  John’s biweekly $100.00 medical deduction has a monthly limit of $200.  He missed his last paycheck in October, so only $100.00 was deducted for October.  You want to catch up the missed medical deduction in his first pay in November.   You would need to change the monthly limit on his deduction during the month of November from $200 to $300, so that the limit is not met too soon.  Otherwise, if you do not temporarily change the limit, John will have met the $200 medical deduction limit in his first pay in November ($100 for the missed October deduction and $100 for the first regular November deduction) and no deduction would come out of his second pay in November.  You will need to remember to change the $200 monthly limit back for December to resume the regular limits.

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