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California Wage Plan Codes


For California employees, you must select the Wage Plan Code that applies to each employee. The Wage Plan Code indicates the type of coverage an employee has and is related to your State Employer Account Number. The most common code used is “Covered under a state plan for both unemployment and disability insurance,” unless your company has been assigned another code.  For more information, see the following information sheets from the California EDD:

How to Select the Employee Wage Plan Code in Patriot Software

As a new customer, when you add employees in the wizard, you will select their Wage Plan Code on their Payroll Information page.

For any employees you add after you complete the wizard, you will be prompted to enter the Wage Plan Code on the employee’s Personal Info page.

  • Payroll > Employees > Employee List > Select Employee Name > Personal Info > Edit.
  • Select the correct choice from the dropdown list at the bottom of the page.
  • Click “Save Employee.”

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