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Adding a Program Invitation Badge To Your Website

Once you have been approved as a Patriot Software Partner, you will gain access to your Partner Center, which appears under “Partners” in the left menu of the software.   Inside your Partner Center, you have the tools to share Patriot Software with your website visitors.

  1. Login to Patriot Software
  2. In the left menu, go to Partners > Content For Your Site > Badges.
  3. Click the badge. 
  4. You will see HTML code that you will need to give to your webmaster, and let them know where you would like to place the badge on your website.  This contains your unique code that tells Patriot Software that you are the referrer.
  • Note if you are an Advisor, you can still add referral badge to your website for referrals that you will not administer yourself.

How to add an invitation link on your website

You can also share an invitation link via social media or copying and pasting in a way that’s easy to share with your customers or business friends.  

  • Partners > Content For Your Site > Share Your Link
  • You can then either copy and paste the link or share via social media by clicking the social media icons.  Each application will open with the option to say something about Patriot Software, and the link with your unique code will appear in the post.

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