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Viewing Your Account Trial Balances

You can view today’s balances in each of your accounts on the Accounting Overview page, the first option under the main Accounting menu.

You can also view your full list of accounts under Reports > Accounting > Financial Reports > Account Trial Balances.

By default, the balance as of today’s date will display at bottom of the report for the date range selected.  You can select a different date if needed.  Enter the date and click “Run Report.”

Your Accounting Basis viewing options will depend on your current accounting basis set up, which accounts you want to view, and how you want the money to be displayed.  You also can use the toggle to view the Account Trial Balances as credit/debits or balance. The toggle option will default to your preference based on what you have selected on other pages with the debit/credit toggle.

To view comparison data on the Account Trial Balances Report, click the “Compare Report” link at the top of the report. You can compare data from the previous period, the previous year, or a custom date. After you select your desired date range, click the “Compare” button.

Click each entry on the report to open a panel on the right side of the page.  The panel displays the details of each transaction that makes up the total balance.  Click “Go to Full Report” to go to the General Ledger report with the same filters.

If you need to manually change the balance in an asset account, you can enter a deposit or withdrawal.

For more information about Account Trial Balances, check out our help article, Can a Trial Balance Save Your Business?

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