Entering a Deposit or Withdrawal

August 13, 2019



You can record a deposit or withdrawal to/from a bank account to keep your balances up-to-date with the activity that happens outside of the accounting software.  An example would be entering a bank fee as a withdrawal from your checking account. Keep in mind, recording this does not affect money in your actual bank account. It is solely for the purpose of keeping your accounting bank account balances updated.  Activities within the accounting software such as payments from customers and payments to vendors will automatically be recorded in your bank account, so there is no need to enter a transaction for these.

To enter a Deposit or Withdrawal

Accounting > Financial Tasks > Deposit/Withdrawal


  1. Choose either Deposit (money coming into your bank account) or Withdrawal (money going out of your bank account).
  2. Enter the Post Date.
  3. Select the Bank Account for this transaction.
  4. Select a Department, if you wish to record this deposit/withdrawal to a department.  For more details, see Managing Accounting Departments.
  5. Enter the Description (example: November Bank Fee).
  6. Select the Account that this deposit is coming from (or withdrawal is going to).
  7. Enter the dollar amount.
  8. To add another account, click “Add Row” and repeat the above two steps.
  9. As you add accounts and amounts, the Total Deposit/Withdrawal amount will automatically update.
  10. Click Save when you are finished. This transaction is now recorded, and will appear on your Activity by Account report.  From here, you can edit, void, or delete this deposit/withdrawal.

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