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Unpaid Customer Invoices Report

This report shows a summary list of all unpaid customer invoices you have created and sent to customers. For a more detailed report showing items on the invoice, see the Invoice Detail Report.

To view a list of unpaid invoices for all of your customers: Reports > Accounting > Customer Reports > Unpaid Invoices

  • Select the customers you want to view.  By default, all customers will be selected.
  • By default, the report will be grouped by the invoice number. You have four grouping options:
    Invoice #: will display each unpaid invoice separately.
    Customer: will display one row showing the totals for any unpaid invoices.
    Invoice Date: will display one row for for each invoice date.
    Due Date: will display one row for each due date.
  • Click Run Report.

If you have grouped by invoice #, you can click the “Print” link at the end of the row to save and re-print the PDF version of the invoice.

You can click “Download Spreadsheet” to download a .csv file that you can open in Excel with your unpaid invoice information.

You can also view a list of unpaid invoices for an individual customer under their record.
Accounting > Your Company > Customer List > Customer Name > Unpaid Invoices

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