Importing Vendors into Patriot Software

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Importing Vendors into Patriot Software


A vendor is a business or independent contractor that you pay for providing their products or services to you, such as your suppliers. If you are a new customer coming to Patriot Software from another accounting system, you can import your list of vendors into Patriot Software instead of manually entering them one at a time.  To enter new vendors manually, see Adding and Editing Vendors.  Also see Importing Customers into Patriot Software.

How to Import Vendors into Patriot Software

You can create your own spreadsheet by exporting your existing vendor list from your former software.   Here are some FAQs about the file format:

Which vendor fields can I import?
Vendor Name (required), Address 1 (required) and 2, City (required), State (required), Zip (required), Phone, Cell Phone, Email, Vendor Legal Name, EIN or SSN/ITIN, and Notes

What are the minimum fields needed in order to import vendors?
Your import file needs to include at least a Vendor Name and Address 1, City, State, Zip.

What file types can I use?
.xls, .xlsx, .csv

How should the file be formatted?
Each vendor record should be on a single row in your file, with a column for each field you want to import. The first row of your file should include headers that label each column. Your first vendor should start on row 2.

Do the order of the fields matter?
No, the fields (columns) can be in any order from your former software. You’ll match the fields to our fields after you import the file.

Spreadsheet Tips for a Smooth Import Process

  • Address: Create separate columns for your vendor street address, city, state, and zip code.
  • Email: Your vendor’s email address should only contain one email, and no other text.
  • Phone: Your vendor’s phone number cannot contain extensions.

When you are ready to import your file:

  • Go to Accounting > Your Company > Vendor List
  • Click “Import Vendors.”

Drag and drop your file or choose the file from your computer, and click Continue.

Match Your Data to Patriot Fields

Next, for each column header in row 1 of your spreadsheet, you will need to choose the matching Patriot customer data field.  At minimum, you will need to select the Vendor Name and Address, but in order to import each column of data, you will need to select each matching Patriot field.  Click Continue when you are finished.

Review Your Imported Vendors

You will see a list of your imported vendor information.  If there are any errors in the file, or any missing required information, you can make corrections and edits here.  You can also edit all fields on the vendor record after they have been imported.

Click Continue, and you will see these imported vendors are now in your vendor list.  Click their name to view and edit their vendor record.

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