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Getting Started with Patriot Accounting

Congratulations on becoming a Patriot Accounting customer! Your accounting software setup process will be easier if you gather your information ahead of time. Watch this video to see how to set up your Accounting with Patriot.

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Accounting Software Settings Options

When you begin setting up the accounting software in the startup wizard, you will have two options to choose from Standard Settings or Customize Settings.

  • Standard Settings – The standard settings are the most popular and preselected on your behalf. You can choose the standard settings and, if needed, make changes later in the software. The preselected standard settings consist of:
    • A standard Chart of Accounts
    • Customer and vendor payments will be recorded to Checking
    • Payroll entries (if applicable) will be recorded to your general ledger as one total sum for all employees.
      • Net pay will be withdrawn from Checking
      • Gross Pay and Employer Tax (Expense) will be recorded to Payroll Expense
      • Both Employee and Employer Tax (Remittance) will be recorded to Payroll Tax Liability (for Basic Payroll) or Checking (for Full Service payroll).
      • If you have deductions or contributions in your payroll, you’ll need to select the appropriate accounts
  • Customize Settings – The startup wizard will guide you in customizing your chart of accounts and hand-selecting each option to fit your needs. You can always make changes to these settings later on by going to Settings> Accounting Settings> Chart of Accounts. For more information, please read, “Setting up your Chart of Accounts

Once you have chosen your initial settings, you are ready to Enter Your Beginning Balances.

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