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Check Register Report

The Check Register Report, sometimes called a disbursement journal, shows details of bank account activity in the date range selected. The Check Register Report is similar to the General Ledger report but will give a running balance on your account and also will display check numbers if check numbers were used.

For more information on check registers, check out our blog article, “What Is a Check Register?”

To check out your Check Register Report in Patriot, go to
Reports > Accounting > Financial Reports > Check Register Report

Then, to view your Check Register Report details:

  1. Enter the date range of the activity you want to view. By default, it will show all activity from the first day of the prior month to the last day of the current month.
  2. Select the accounts you want to view. By default, all bank accounts will be selected.
  3. Click “Run Report.”
  4. To view details of the transaction listed, click the details icon at the far right of the transaction, and a modal will open with all transactions for that bank activity.
  5. To attach receipts to the transaction click the “link” icon. For more info on how to attach receipts and documents to transactions, please read our help article, Managing Receipts and Documents.

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