Accounting Basic

Basic accounting software for small business.

Accounting Basic

February 7, 2019

David Regimbal

Simple Accounting for the NON-Accountant!

  • Choose cash basis, modified cash or accrual accounting method
  • Invoice an unlimited number of customers
  • Track your receivables
  • Pay your bills, vendors, and contractors
  • Print unlimited 1099s and 1096s
  • Free support

If you’re like most small business owners, you only use a small fraction of an overly complicated accounting software package. Why overpay? Why deal with extra complexity? Instead, you should use our simple accounting software for small business.

  • Free Support
  • 30-Day Free Trial
  • No hidden fees
  • No long-term contract
Patriot Software offers Accounting Basic, a simple online accounting software for small business.

Patriot's Accounting Basic is a simple online system for small business owners, not accountants. Use it to track all of the money going in and out of your small business. Pay your bills. Invoice your customers. Track your receivables. Use it to print 1099s and 1096s.

Your accountant will appreciate that you’re using Patriot's small business Accounting Software to keep yourself organized. Simply export a spreadsheet showing your accountant a summary of every financial transaction your small business made during any time frame. Then, your accountant can efficiently and accurately prepare your financial statements and calculate your taxes.

  • Use it to

  • Pay your bills
  • Charge your customers
  • Receive money
  • Shows who

  • You paid
  • Paid you
  • Still owes you money

Accounting Basic Features

Track Your Cash

Patriot's Accounting Software tracks the cash coming in and going out of your business, and organizes it in the right categories.

Pay Your Bills

Who have you paid? And who do you still need to pay? Print checks to your vendors and contractors.

Invoice Your Customers

Easily create invoices for your customers, and see who has and hasn't paid you.

Receive Payments

Receive money from your customers, and apply the money to the right product or service.

Print 1099s

The IRS wants to know who you paid, how much, and when. Patriot's Accounting Software tracks all of this for you.

30-Day Free Trial

Try Patriot's small business Accounting Software free for 30 days. We offer free routine support. Just call us at (877) 968-7147.

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"I like the new look of the software. More user friendly and it appears to be faster. Good job!"

JCB Management, Inc. - Huntington Valley, OH

"Support is very nice. You called me right away when there were issues. I like that."

Emily Baldwin
Absolute Accounting Online - Fayetteville, NC

"It's so nice to work with a company that has people that are nice & there for me. You all have a good niche here."

Valen Light, LLC - Austin, TX

Patriot's Accounting Basic for Small Business
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What is Patriot's Accounting Basic Software?

It's a simple online accounting software for the non-accountant. It’s not overly complex and is easy to use.

How does Patriot's Accounting Basic Software for small business work?

It helps you keep track of the money coming in and out of your business. You can create and send invoices to your customers, receive payments from your customers, and make payments to your contractors and vendors. You can choose to record on a cash basis, when income is received and expenses are paid, or on an accrual basis, when income is invoiced and expenses are billed.

Why should I use Patriot's Accounting Basic Software?

Most small business owners are not experts in accounting. Patriot's Accounting Software was created especially for small business owners, who just want to be able to track their income and expenses in one place. And best of all, we don’t use difficult-to-understand accounting terms!


Account Balances

View the balance in each of your accounts as of a point in time.

Balance Sheet

View details of what your business owns, and what it owes, to see the overall financial health of your business.

Profit and Loss Statement

The Profit and Loss Statement shows a summary of your income and expenses for your small business.

Customer Invoice Detail

View a detailed list of customer invoices, including the items on each invoice. View both paid and unpaid invoices, if needed.

Customer Payment History

View the invoice payments you have received from your customers, including the date of payment, and to which invoices the payment was applied.

Vendor Payment History

View all payment details to each contractor/vendor. The report shows the 1099 Type, account category, and amount for each check you have paid.

Missing 1099 Information

View any paid vendors who are missing either an Employer Identification Number or Social Security Number. This information is needed to issue Form 1099 at the end of the year.

Form 1099/1096 Summary

This report shows a preview of the information that will be printed for each vendor on Forms 1099 and the summary Form 1096. This is to help you confirm that all payments have been reported.

Activity By Account

View all activity for a specific account or group of accounts within a time period.

Additional Info

Manage Customer Invoicing
  • Email invoices to your customers

  • Create your own product/service list with pricing and sales tax

  • Create professional-looking invoices to send to your customers

  • Track incoming payments from your customers

  • Apply customer payments to more than one invoice

  • Mark invoices as paid

  • Report on unpaid invoices and invoice detail

Manage Your Account Balances
  • Keep track of your money in as many accounts as you need

  • Categorize your income and expenses

  • View all deposits and withdrawals to your accounts

  • Activity within Patriot's Accounting Software is automatically recorded

  • Activity from Patriot’s payroll software, payroll tax service, and your other Patriot Software/service fees is recorded in the Accounting Software

1099-MISC & 1096 Printing
  • Our reports are properly aligned and ready to print on IRS-preprinted forms.

  • You can print an unlimited number of forms at no additional cost.

  • Safely store forms by year and vendor.

Manage 1099 Contractor Payments
  • Pay an unlimited number of checks to independent contractors and vendors

  • Easy 3-step payment process

  • Create Form 1099-MISC at year-end for each vendor

  • All features of Patriot’s 1099 software are included in the small business Accounting Software

Free Customer Support
  • We guarantee the accuracy of our calculations.

  • We offer free customer support by phone, email, or chat.

User-Friendly Reporting
  • You can run payment reports for one or more vendors for any date range.

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