1099 Software Features

Looking for an easy way to pay your contractor and vendors?

Easy-to-use features

Print 1099s and 1096s

Print as many 1099s and 1096s as you want, whenever you want at no additional cost.

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Easy Online Payment Processing

Enter payment, verify the amount, process the check, and you’re done. You can even pay multiple vendors at once!

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Different Payment Types

Need to process different types of 1099-MISC payments? No problem.

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User-Friendly Reportings

Run payment reports for one or more vendors for any date range.

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Unlimited Check Processing

Print or reprint payment stubs anytime, anywhere with no extra costs.

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Pay Contractors

Easily pay contractors or vendors using pre-printed check stock or handwritten checks.

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Track Payments

Keep track of which contractors or vendors you paid and when.

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Free Comprehensive Help

Looking for help? Find answers fast in our Help Center. You can also email, chat, or call our expert support for free routine help.

No Long-Term Contracts

Say goodbye to contracts and hello to our monthly pricing system. Cancel anytime, without penalty.

Dependable & Accurate

We’re routinely tested and audited for accuracy. And, we use the same technology as banks to keep your data secure.

100% Online

Securely access your software from any device with an Internet connection. No downloading needed.

Easy-To-Use Software

You can get the hang of our software in minutes—no training required.

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