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Payroll for Accountants

As an Accountant, Bookkeeper, or CPA, you can earn revenue by referring your clients to Patriot as an Advisor, or you can run profitable payroll for your clients by getting wholesale pricing as a Certified Advisor.

Advisor Overview | Patriot Software

March 15, 2017


Two Great Ways to Provide Payroll for Your Clients

When you join our Partner Program, you become an Advisor. You have the option to become a Certified Advisor to manage your own clients in the software and earn more revenue.

Patriot Software's Advisor Program
Patriot Advisors

If you want to refer your clients to Patriot Software, our Advisor Program allows you to earn ongoing royalties of up to 10 percent.

Details of Patriot Software's Advisor Program

No certification process is required to be a Patriot Advisor. Just apply and refer your clients.
The first month is free for your clients.

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Patriot Software's Certified Advisor Program
Patriot Certified Advisors

If you need to run payroll for your clients, do so profitably by getting the wholesale pricing offered in our Certified Advisor Program.


Must watch a video and take an online quiz, demonstrating your knowledge of Patriot Software's offerings.

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Everything You Need from Your Payroll


We are tested, audited, and bonded, guaranteeing that our payroll calculations will be accurate.

Guaranteed Security

Our servers are protected by redundant firewalls and secured by encryption techniques used by banks.

Free Direct Deposit

Pay your employees quickly and seamlessly with our free direct deposit.

Free Payroll Portal

Give your employees secure access to their paystubs, pay history, and payroll information.

Hands-Off Tax Service

We can handle all aspects of your payroll taxes once you've completed your setup. Just use our Full Service Payroll.

Local Tax Filing

In addition to federal and state taxes, Patriot's Full Service deposits and files all local taxes.

100% Online

Our software is 100% online, so you'll never have to run updates or maintenance for your payroll.

Detailed Payroll Reports

Easily access paycheck, deduction, and contribution history reports and W-2 previews.

Hourly & Salary

You can pay hourly and or salaried employees. Run unlimited payrolls, including bonuses & vacation time.

Flexible Pay Schedules

Run unlimited payrolls to pay your employees as often as you'd like: weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Want to learn more about offering payroll to your clients?

Watch the video below and download our free whitepaper to see all the benefits.

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