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Viewing My Electronic W-2

If your employer has chosen to provide your W-2 electronically in your employee portal, you can give consent to receive your W-2 in your employee portal instead of receiving a paper copy.

  • In the left menu, click “W-2 Forms”
  • Under the Delivery Method, choose the first option to consent to receive your W-2 electronically instead of a paper Form W-2. Click the consent link to read the full consent notice.
  • If you wish to receive a paper copy, select the second option. You will still receive an electronic version of your W-2 even if you have chosen to receive a paper copy.
  • Click Submit.

Employee portal: Consent to receive Forms W-2 electronically

If you have a valid email address in your Personal Info page, you will receive an automatic email confirmation that your selection has been recorded. You will also receive an email notification when your employer has posted your W-2 and is ready for you to view.

When Your Electronic W-2 Is Ready to View

When your W-2 is ready to view, under the “Download W-2s” section, click the appropriate year. A four-page PDF document will download. The PDF consists of the following:

  • Copy B: To be filed with your federal tax return
  • Copy C: For your records
  • Copy 2: To be filed with your state, city, or local income tax return
  • IRS Instructions

Your electronic W-2 will be available for the duration of your employee portal access, beginning with 2016.  If you have any questions about the content of your Form W-2, please contact your employer.

If you do not see your electronic W-2 in your portal or if your W-2 shows “pending,” please contact your employer, as your employer will upload your W-2 to your portal.  Please do not contact Patriot Software directly, as we will redirect you to contact your employer.

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