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Managing My Direct Deposit: FAQs

Q. How does direct deposit work?

A. If your employer offers direct deposit, your pay can be deposited directly into your bank account from your employer on pay day. You have the option to split your paycheck into several different accounts that you designate. Instead of receiving a paper paycheck, you can view your check stub with all of the payment details. Click the “View Paychecks” link to view your paycheck details.

Q. How do I change my direct deposit account info?
A. From the main page, click “Direct Deposit.” If your employer has already entered your direct deposit information, you will already see your bank account information listed. You can either add additional bank accounts, or edit your existing bank accounts.

Q. If I add or make a change to my direct deposit information, how soon will this go into effect?
A. The change is made immediately, and is normally included in the next payroll that your employer runs. Check with your employer to confirm when your changes will be effective. It is important to note that the employee bank information must be entered BEFORE payroll is run by the payroll admin.  Direct deposit files are created at the time of the payroll run.

Q: I don’t see a place to add direct deposit information at all. Why not?
A: Your employer needs to be fully set up with direct deposit before you will have the ability to add direct deposit information. If you’re not seeing an option to add direct deposit information, this may be the reason. Contact your employer to learn where they are in the direct deposit application process, or if they will be using direct deposit at all.

To add a new account:

Click the “Add New Account” button.  A set of blank fields will appear.  Here is a description of the fields:

  • Account Nickname: Enter an optional nickname for this bank account.
  • ABA Routing Number: This is the 9-digit number that identifies your bank. You’ll enter this twice.
  • Account Number: This is your bank account number. You’ll enter this twice. If you are using a pay card or debit card, enter the actual bank checking/savings account number associated with the pay card or debit card, not the pay card or debit card number.
  • Account Type: Select either Checking or Savings.
  • Deposit Entire Net Pay?  If this your first account and you want to deposit your entire net pay into this account, choose “Yes.”  If you will be depositing into more than one bank account, choose “No.”
  • Direct Deposit Type:  If you have chosen “No” above, the employee may designate either a flat dollar amount or a percentage of their net pay to go into another account.  Select the Direct Deposit Type, either a fixed amount or percentage.
  • Amount:  Enter either the flat dollar or percent amount.

To edit or inactivate an existing account:

Click the “Edit” icon in the row of the account. Make any changes, and click “Save.”  If you need to change your ABA routing number, bank account number, or account type, you will need to delete the account and add a new one.  When you inactivate an account, no money will be deposited into that account, but the information will be saved.

To delete an existing account:

Click the trashcan icon in that row. Click OK to confirm that you want to delete this account. You can add it back later if you wish.

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