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Contractor Portal Login FAQs

Q. How do I know my username and password?
A. Your client will send you an email invitation to sign up to use the contractor portal. You will create your own username and password to access the portal. If you have not received an invitation, please contact your client.

Q: What do I do if I forgot my username?
A: On the contractor portal login page: Click “Forgot Username?” Enter the email address on your record, and your username reminder will be emailed to you. If you don’t remember your email address or need to change it, please contact your client. They can change your email address to recover your username if needed.

Q. What do I do if I forget my password?
A. On the contractor portal login page: Click “Forgot Password?” Enter your username and email address on your record. Steps to reset your password will be emailed to you. Due to security reasons, your employer will not be able to look up or reset your password for you. Your employer can add or fix your email address if you have issues receiving the reset email. If you don’t receive an email, please check with your client to see what email address is used for your portal.

Q. How do I change my password?
A. If you know your password and want to change it, log in and click “Manage Login Info” on the Home page, and click the “Change Password” tab. Enter your current password and your new password, and click “Save.”

Q. Can I change my username?
A. If you need to change your username, log in to the portal, and click “Manage Login Info” on the Home page, and click the “Change Username” tab. Enter your new username and click “Save.” You will be automatically logged out and must log in with your new username. If a username has already been used, you will see a message to choose another username.

Q: What is MFA?
A. Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is a powerful tool for safeguarding your online presence. By adding an extra layer of security beyond just a password, MFA makes it much harder for unauthorized individuals to access your accounts. By understanding its principles, implementing it across your accounts, and staying informed about the latest developments, you can significantly reduce the risk of account takeovers and protect your digital identity.

Q: How do I Set Up MFA in the Contractor Portal?

You will need to add two different verification methods for MFA: one via text message and one via email. You must set up both methods.

  • Once you’ve entered the verification methods, you will receive a code via text and email. Enter both codes in the respective fields. The codes will expire after 15 minutes, so act quickly. If a code expires, you can request a new one by clicking “Resend code.”
  • You can select “Remember this device for 90 days” to bypass MFA for that device during the 90 days.

If you lose access to the phone number or email used for MFA, contact your client immediately to reset your MFA settings.

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