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Editing Personal Information in the Contractor Portal

Your contractor portal is a great way to verify payments and personal information. The personal information displayed in the contractor portal will be used to create your 1099 form (if one is needed) at the end of the year. Please make sure all information is accurate.

To view your personal information in the contractor portal go to Account Profile. The following information fields will be displayed:

  • Contractor Name (View only)
  • Legal Name (if different) (View only)
  • Phone
  • Cell phone
  • Email address
  • Address
  • SSN/ITIN (View only. Click the “show” link to view the entire number)

To update or edit the fields click “Edit.” Update the desired fields and click “Save.”

Note: Contact your client to change your name, Social Security Number, or ITIN.

You can also view or enter direct deposit information on the Account Profile page if your client has direct deposit enabled. To learn more about how to enter your direct deposit information, please read, “Adding Direct Deposit Bank Info in the Contractor Portal“.

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