Employee Portal Technical FAQs

Q. I’m worried about giving employees access to this information.

A. While employees can enter their own time worked on the electronic time card if you have Patriot’s Time and Attendance Software, only you have access to the payroll application. Employees cannot generate their own paychecks. They can print paystubs and view paychecks but only after you have run the payroll.

Q. Do I need to install special software to offer the employee portal to my employees?

A. No. All Patriot Software programs are online. All your employees need is a computer or device with Internet access. Employees can then easily view payroll information, update their W-4, view their W-2, and print paystubs in their employee portal.

Q. What if an employee forgets their username or password?

A. Your employees can have username reminders and password reset instructions emailed to them on their portal login page.  Your employees also have the ability to change their password.

Q. What programs do I need to use the employee portal?

A. You must be a customer of Patriot Software’s online payroll to offer the employee self-service portal to your employees. However, for more features, consider adding on:

Q. How does the electronic time card feature work?

A. If you add on Patriot’s Time and Attendance Software, your employees can enter their own hours or time worked on the electronic time card in their employee portal. Hourly employees can enter their time in and time out each day including lunch and other breaks. Salary employees can enter the total time worked for the day. At the end of the pay period, employees approve the electronic time card.

Then, log in to your Patriot Software account, approve the time cards, and send them to payroll with the click of one button!