Webinar Video: The 7-Minute Conversation With Cash Flow Mike (Financial Health)

Join industry expert Mike Milan, known as “Cash Flow Mike,” as he discusses a technique that will help you look at the financial health of any business in minutes.

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About Cash Flow Mike

Mike Milan, AKA Cash Flow Mike, offers expertise in strategic planning, finance, and sales, and has gained over 20+ years of diverse professional experience. In that time, he has developed 14 startups into well-established businesses and earned his nickname “Cash Flow Mike.”

Mike is an army Veteran and an MBA from Baylor University and is mostly known for being the author of two books (The 7 Minute Conversation and Don’t Be A DUMB Business Owner), creating a financial management training program, creating several FinTech software products, co-hosting the podcast Mike & Blaine, and helping business owners grow and keep more cash in their business.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the most critical measurements of profitability in a small business
  • Learn how to have a quick but meaningful conversation about the numbers
  • Introduce a quick analysis technique to your team in one simple step
  • Set them up for success in making more money or getting a financing request approved