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Sales Tax Report

If your business is required to charge sales tax to your customers on their invoices, you will need to know how much sales tax you have collected, in order for you to correctly pay and file your sales tax.

To view your collected sales tax from your customers, go to Reports > Accounting > Customer Reports > Sales Tax.

By default, the report date range will be set to the previous full month.  

Choose the Type:

  • Invoiced – The report will include all invoices, both paid and unpaid, within that invoice date range.
  • Collected – The report will include all invoices paid by customers within the date range.  If you have applied a partial payment to an invoice, only the partial sales tax payment will show on the report.

The report will show each type of sales tax and the totals invoiced or collected.   Any credits you have issued to customers with sales tax credits will also appear.

You can print a PDF of the report by clicking “Print Report.” You can click “Download Spreadsheet” to download a .csv file that you can open in Excel or other spreadsheet software.

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