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Managing Your Customer Estimates

If you use Accounting Premium, after you have created a new estimate for your customer, you can manage each estimate on the Estimate Listing Report. This report shows key estimate details, including current status, and allows you to easily perform tasks when necessary.

Reports > Accounting >  Customer Reports > Estimates

The report shows estimates created within the last 30 days. To further filter your list, you can enter a start and end date, and/or select the customers and estimate statuses you want to include. You can also sort by each column.

Estimate Status

The status of the estimate will determine what kinds of actions you can take.  Here are the possible statuses of a customer estimate:

    • Pending: The estimate has been created.  It can now either be accepted, rejected, cancelled, or deleted.
    • Accepted: This estimate has been accepted by the customer.  You can now convert this estimate to an invoice.
    • Rejected:  This estimate has been declined or rejected by the customer.
    • Cancelled:  The estimate is no longer valid.
    • Deleted: The estimate has been deleted.  You can view the deleted estimate in your Estimates list, and be sure to include “Deleted” as a Status when you run the report.
    • Invoiced:  The status will change to “Invoiced” when an estimate has been converted to an invoice.

Estimate Actions

The Actions dropdown at the end of each row in the Estimate Listing allows you to perform certain actions for that particular estimate, depending on the status of the estimate.  You can also perform these actions when you view the details of the estimate.  

    • View Details: You can view the details of any estimate.
    • Edit:  You can edit the details of the estimate.
    • Print: You can print a PDF version of your estimate. When you select Print, the PDF will download to your computer.
    • Email: You can use our email template and use Patriot to email this estimate to your customer. For more details, see Emailing Estimates to Your Customers.
    • Accept:  If a customer has agreed to your estimate, marking “Accept” will change the estimate status to “Accepted.”
    • Convert to Invoice:  This is only available if the estimate status is “Accepted.”  This will take you to the “Create Invoice” page with the information from the estimate pre-filled.  You can make changes to the invoice before you create the invoice.
    • Reject:  If a customer does not agree or declines your estimate, marking “Reject” will change the estimate status to “Rejected.”   
    • Cancel:  If an estimate is no longer valid, marking “Cancel” will change the estimate status to “Cancelled.”   The “Reject” and “Cancel” actions are for you to use at your discretion for tracking purposes.  When you reject or cancel an invoice, you can no longer change its status.
    • Delete:  When you delete an invoice, it will no longer appear in your Estimates list, unless you include “Deleted” in your Status filter when you run the report.

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