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How to Import Trial Balances

When starting with Patriot Accounting, you’ll have the option to enter your current trial balances in Patriot with a beginning balance date in the software. You can enter the trial balance by exporting your trial balance report from your former software or creating your spreadsheet to upload into Patriot Accounting in the startup wizard.

For more information about beginning balances, check out our help article, “Entering Your Beginning Balances.”

How to Import Trial Balances FAQs

What columns do I need for my trial balance?
You will only need three required Columns: Account, Debit, Credit.

What types of files can I use?
.xls, .xlsx, .csv

Do the order of the columns matter?
No, the columns can be in any order from your former software. You’ll match the fields to our fields after you import the file.

Importing Trial Balances

  • For an easy import, make sure you have all of your accounts entered in Patriot Accounting. You can check these on the import page, where Patriot will list all accounts and total numbers. Click the arrow to expand each account and view the details. 
    • Want to add a new account? Simply click the “+Add a New {Type} Account” link located at the bottom of each section.
  • Drag and drop your file or choose the file from your computer and click the  “Save and Continue” button.
  • If there are unassigned accounts, you will need to map the columns and accounts from your spreadsheet to the corresponding columns and accounts in Patriot by selecting from the dropdown. If the account does not need imported, select “Do Not Map This Account.” Add a new account by clicking the “+Add a New Account”  link.
  • When you’ve mapped all of your unassigned accounts, click the  “Save and Continue” button.

Your trial balance must have equal debits and credits. If your trial balance report doesn’t have equal debits and credits, you’ll need to correct the entries, so each of your accounts balances with your beginning balance date.

  • You can edit each account’s debit and credit balance, change your beginning balance date, or add new accounts on your trial balances while making your corrections.
  • You can save your progress by clicking the “Save” button,  but Patriot will not import beginning balances into the software until the debits and credits are equal. The total of all accounts must have an equal number of debits and credits before you can “Save and Continue.” At that point, your trial balances will be imported into your accounting software.

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