1099 e-File

February 19, 2019

David Regimbal

If you use either Patriot Software Accounting or the 1099 Software, you can electronically file (e-File) your 1099-MISC forms with the IRS and participating states at the end of the year for an additional cost.

e-Filing is available from January 1 to March 31 following the year that ended.

  • Customers can only e-File through Patriot one time per year.
  • The states that participate in the IRS combined federal and state program are listed here. e-Filing will satisfy the state requirement of submission for these listed states.
  • For unlisted states that aren’t participating in the 1099 e-filing, customers can download a 1099/1096 to mail in.
  • Customers will be charged $20 for up to the first 5 1099s.
  • Customers will be charged $2 for each additional 1099 greater than 5 1099s and up to a maximum of 35 1099s.
  • Starting at 36 1099s, there will be no additional charge.