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Top-notch Accounting Software Features

Patriot’s accounting software features are developed with small business owners in mind. We understand that features of accounting software should not be a one-size-fits-all approach.

Why pay more for bloated accounting features you’ll never use? That’s why we have two accounting software options, Basic and Premium, so you can choose the software features that best fit your business and budget. With either option, rest assured you’ll have powerful, yet easy-to-use software, U.S.-based support, and the ability to access your account anytime, anywhere. No mobile app needed!

Easy-to-use Features

Unlimited Payments to Vendors

Easily make and track as many vendor payments as you need. Select a vendor and plug in details such as invoice number and date, account, 1099 type, and amount. After entering payment information, approve payments and print checks.

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Patriot Software's accounting product Vendor Quick Pay screen.

Create and Print Unlimited 1099s and 1096s

Did you pay contractors during the year? Create and print unlimited 1099s and 1096s. Need to track contractor payments? We’ve got that, too. Select the year, create the forms, and print your finished forms.

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Optional 1099 e-Filing

Eliminate the need for paper filing Forms 1099-MISC by opting for e-Filing! File your 1099-MISC forms electronically with the IRS and states that participate in the e-File program.

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Track Your Expenses, Income, and Money

Set up a Chart of Accounts (COA) to view your different accounts and start tracking account activity. You can add and manage asset, liability, equity, income, and expense accounts in your COA.

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Unlimited Invoices - Unlimited Customers

You made the sale, and now it’s time to get paid. Effortlessly create and send invoices to your customers and track who has and hasn’t paid you. Don’t worry about limits, because there aren’t any. Never worry about losing track of customer invoices again!

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Accept Credit Card Payments

News flash: Your customers are craving a frictionless way to pay you. With our Stripe integration, you can get started in minutes and make it convenient for your customers to pay you via credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

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Accept ACH Payments

With our Stripe integration, your customers can securely make ACH payments on invoices. And with lower transaction fees than credit card payments, you’ll boost your bottom line.

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Record Payments

Recording payments from customers has never been easier. Apply the money you receive from customers to the correct product or service in your account, and be on your merry way!

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Cash-basis and/or Accrual Accounting

It’s accrual world … but it doesn’t have to be all the time when you use our patented cash-to-accrual toggle feature. Choose the accounting method that makes sense to you and let your accountant handle the hard stuff. After all, accrual world is their happy place! Most business owners prefer the simplicity of Cash-basis accounting (i.e., simple financials based on money in and money out). However, most accountants prefer using Accrual accounting methods (i.e., using debits and credits to achieve pristine financial statements).

Automatically Import Bank Transactions

Want to automatically import your banking transactions into your Patriot account? Simply connect your bank or credit card, and you’re ready to go! You can also opt to manually record journal entries or upload a file.

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Want a breakdown of expenses and income by departments? Easy! Just add department names and then apply them to customer invoices, vendor payments, and imported transactions.

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Bank Reconciliation

Happiness is reconciling your bank account. Compare your monthly bank statements to your books to spot recordkeeping issues. After you gather your bank statement date and balance, compare them to transactions in your software and make changes if necessary.

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Free USA-based Support

Need a helping hand? Our highly-rated, USA-based support is here for you, Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 8 PM ET. Go ahead and contact our expert support via phone, email, or chat … we’re happy to help you get back to your business. Oh, and did we mention it’s free?

Mobile Friendly

Out of the office and need to access your accounting records on your smartphone? Not a problem! With Patriot, your accounting software works great on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer without needing to download or install a separate app.

Import Data Easily

We know that getting started is half the battle, so we made importing your data from your previous software a breeze. Import Trial Balance, Vendors, and Customers and you’ll be up and running in no time flat.

Edit or delete transactions

You know when you made a mistake, but now you don’t have to live with it forever. Go ahead and edit or delete transactions to make things right. We’ll keep track of changes you made in a handy Modified Transactions Report…but it still will be our little secret.

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Premium Feature

Create and Send Estimates

Create and email an estimate to let your customers know what their bill may look like. Set an estimate date, and price. When you’re ready, seamlessly convert the estimate into an invoice. It’s like magic.

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Patriot Software's accounting product Estimates screen.
Premium Feature

Invoice Payment Reminders

Don’t waste your time hounding customers for payment. Automatically send an invoice reminder via email to customers with past due invoices. Decide how many days past due you will allow before the automatic payment reminder is sent.

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Premium Feature

Custom Invoice Templates

Customizing your estimates, invoices, and credit memos has never been easier. Choose a template, upload your business logo, and pick an accent color to make invoices that reflect your brand.

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Premium Feature

Recurring Invoices

With recurring invoices, you can leave hand-written reminders behind. Select a start date and end date (e.g., after a specific date, number of invoices, or indefinitely), choose your frequency, and automatically email recurring invoices to your customers.

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Premium Feature

Unlimited Users With Permissions

Not the only person managing your business’s accounting? No problem! Go ahead and add an unlimited number of users to your account. And, you can restrict user permissions, like who can manage company information and financial tasks.

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Premium Feature

Manage receipts and documents

Manage receipts and documents and attach them to corresponding transactions to keep all our your data together. No more bulky files or loose receipts. The downside? Your filing cabinet may become lonely.

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Premium Feature

Add Subaccounts

Let your inner itemizer out to play and add up to 8 levels of subaccounts to further categorize transactions. Adding and nesting subaccounts will give you greater detail to your transactions.

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Free Comprehensive Help

Looking for help? Find answers fast by using our Help Center’s training articles and videos. You can also email, chat, or call our expert support for free routine help.

Patriot Software help available by call, email, or chat.

No Long-Term Contracts

Say goodbye to contracts and hello to our monthly pricing system! You can cancel your software account (and the easy-to-use accounting software features) anytime, without penalty. But when you see how easy your accounting can be, we hope you won’t want to!

Dependable and Accurate

We’re tested and audited annually for accuracy, and we use the same technology banks use to keep your data safe. Rest assured that you can trust us with your business information.

Easy-To-Use Software

Ready to stop wasting time managing your books and get back to your business? Patriot’s accounting features are developed with small business owners in mind. You can get the hang of our software in minutes—no training required.

100% Online

Securely access your accounting software on any device with an internet connection. Add transactions, invoice customers, and more on the go by logging into your accounting software account.

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