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Advisor Program

April 27, 2016


Become an Advisor

Generate steady cash flow for your firm!

Accountants and Bookkeepers can earn revenue by referring small business customers to Patriot Software.


Earn up to 10% of referral spending

Certified Advisors

Receive discounted pricing on our software Learn More


  • You apply to our Advisor program. It’s free.
  • We review your application.
  • Upon Acceptance into our Advisor Program, receive your Advisor Badge embedded with your unique Invitation Link.

Make Referrals:

  • To generate referrals, simply put the Badge on your website. (Content wording for your website is also provided.)
  • Visitors to your website who click these Badges, will be your Referrals.
  • Advisor

Who Does What?

  • Payroll Customers: Patriot offers to set up these visitors’ payroll; guaranteed to be accurate.
  • Accounting Customers: Patriot will offer free setup help to these new customers.
  • Patriot will provide ongoing help and support to these customers.
  • You earn up to a 10% perpetual royalty on the fees these customers pay to Patriot Software for using any of our products or services.
You make the referrals, and we'll keep them happy!

Become a Certified Advisor

As a Certified Advisor, you can save your time and money by using our software to manage your clients’ accounting and/or payroll functions. You will have special discounted pricing for our software.

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Advisor Program

April 27, 2016