Determining Employee Compensation: Employer Responsibilities

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Employers must compensate their employees... do you know how to determine compensation?

As an employer, you want your business to be successful. One way you can grow your business is by hiring top-notch employees. But, if you are like other small business owners, you might not know how to determine employee compensation.

Small business owners don’t have time to know everything about compensation. But, you need to have a basic understanding of your responsibilities as an employer. This free guide lays out compensation information so you know the different types of compensation, how to pay your employees legally, and how to determine a competitive compensation package.

Knowing how to compensate employees will help you attract candidates and comply with federal rules. Download Patriot’s guide to understand employer responsibilities when compensating your employees.

What's Inside

  • Tips to help you determine compensation
  • Information on withholding taxes
  • A guide for reporting compensation