About Patriot Software

We know from first-hand experience that…

  • … starting and running a business is very demanding.
  • … small business owners have to do so much!
  • … and it’s tougher today than ever before.

But, small business owners are innovative. They always find better ways to do things. They know that business software on the Internet is simpler, safer, and is priced lower than other alternatives.

So, here at Patriot… We’re thrilled to be on the forefront of helping small business owners find better ways to do things!

Mission Statement
Our mission is to help small business owners with easy and affordable software!
(Notice that our mission is simple and focused. Just like our software!)

Core Values
We at Patriot Software are hard-working, responsive, reliable, friendly, and honest Americans. We give our customers exceptional value. We do this by providing easy-to-use, yet powerful software, excellent pricing, and free support. We don’t charge any hidden fees. We treat our customers how we would want to be treated.

Our Startup… Our Experience
We’ve never forgotten our entrepreneurial beginnings in the basement of a factory, over 25 years ago. Those early years were tough and exhilarating, … but they forged a set of core values, and a passion for small business that will be with us forever!

(the original, 7-minute, unedited, 1988 video)

That’s why we understand what small business owners are looking for in software. Our Mission is to help small business owners with easy and affordable software. Our customers only pay for the software that they choose to use.

Our Products
So that’s what we’ve developed here at Patriot Software…software and services that offer small businesses a no-nonsense approach for:

Our People
Most importantly, you want to work with people you can trust, who are experienced, and who will provide you with free support if you need it.

That’s who we are. An innovative and hardworking group of Americans helping American small business owners with simple and effective software solutions.

Patriot… With an Attitude – After starting five companies from scratch, we have a huge respect for small business owners. They do so much! They’re under so much pressure and stress. So, Patriot Software was born to help them, but born with an attitude…

  • Make It Work
  • Make It Simple
  • Price It Low