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Accounting Basic

Basic tracking of the money going in and out of your business.
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Premium Accounting

All the features you’ll need to track business expenses, money, and invoices.

No robots here. Our expert (and friendly!) support wants to help answer your accounting questions, Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 7 PM EST. Whether you call in, chat us, or shoot us an email, rest assured someone will be there for you.

Got room for another app on your phone? Of course not. We’ve designed our software so you can access your account on your phone anywhere—all without the hassle of downloading and updating an app.

Do you work with vendors? You’re a business owner—of course you do! So, you need an easy way to pay those vendors and track payments. Simply select a vendor, enter payment details, approve it, and print paychecks. Add as many vendors as you need … there are no limits (we wouldn’t do that to you!)

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If you paid contractors during the year, don’t forget to take care of the necessary Forms 1099 and 1096. You can create and track as many 1099s and 1096s as your heart desires (we don’t charge extra), all within your account.

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Are you ready to go digital? If you opt into 1099 e-Filing, you can file your forms in our software with just a few clicks (nominal fees may apply). We’ll shoot it over to the IRS and states that participate in the e-Filing program for you!

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The Chart of Accounts is the backbone of your books. You can easily add, track, and manage asset, liability, equity, income, and expense accounts to keep your COA straight from the get-go.

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Are you guilty of losing track of customer invoices? You wear a million and one hats, so it’s OK to admit it … but now it’s time to get paid. Create, send, and track invoices to as many customers as you need.

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Let’s face it—plastic is the new green. Make it convenient for your customers (and you!) by accepting credit card payments. Simply set up a merchant account to get started. You’ll love how easy it is to get paid with the click of a button!

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There’s nothing better than when the money rolls in. Capture the moment by recording payments in your books. Recording payments is easy in your account—simply apply the money you receive to the correct product or service and get back to business to get some more.

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Importing bank transactions and saving your time has never been easier. Connect your bank account or credit card so that all your activity automatically flows into the software. If automatic imports aren’t for you, you can opt to manually record journal entries or upload a file.

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When it comes to your business, every department counts. Break down expenses and income by departments to see what’s making you money and where you need to tighten the belt.

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Our accounting software integrates seamlessly with Patriot Full Service or Basic Payroll.

We know that getting started is half the battle, so we made importing your data from your previous software a breeze. Import General Ledger, Trial Balance, Customers, Vendors and Contractors, and you’ll be up and running in no time flat.

You know when you made a mistake, but now you don’t have to live with it forever. Go ahead and edit or delete transactions to make things right. We’ll keep track of changes you made in a handy Modified Transactions Report…but it still will be our little secret.

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Let your inner itemizer out to play and add up to 8 levels of subaccounts to further categorize transactions. Adding and nesting subaccounts will give you greater detail to your transactions.

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Some things in life are irreconcilable. Your statements and accounting books shouldn’t be one of them. Compare your statements to your recorded software transactions for any asset, equity, or liability accounts and reconcile those differences.

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Want to give your customers a preview of what their bill may look like? You can do that by creating and sending estimates in your account. And the best part is, you can seamlessly convert it into an invoice when you’re ready with the click of a button—no magic wand needed.

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Do you hear invoices when you’re trying to sleep? The first step to a good night’s rest is to set up recurring invoices. Choose your start and end date, select your frequency, and catch a few ‘z’s.

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Let our software do the nagging for you. Decide when automatic payment reminders will be triggered for customers with past due invoices. So go ahead, give your customer the gentle nudge they need—without having to do it yourself.

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Your business is unique. Your templates should be, too. Keep it professional while also adding some flair. Customize estimates, invoices, and credit memos by picking a template, adding your logo, and selecting an accent color.

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Have someone else who helps manage your books? This one’s for you. Have a whole crew? No problem. Adding unlimited users to your account is easy. And, you decide what information they can and can’t see with specific permissions for each user.

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Securely upload files and receipts & attach to any transactions to keep records stored and at your fingertips for easy access.

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Quickly Generate Accurate Reports Anytime, Anywhere

We’ve created reporting tools that make it easy to assess your business’s financial health. And, we’ve included some cool extras like drill-down reporting without leaving the page and our patented cash-to-accrual toggle so you can see the reports in the accounting basis of your choice.

View All Accounting Reports

Premium Report

Account Reconciliation

You don’t need to remember it all. This report does it for you! This report provides a detailed record of account transactions that matched software entries, as well as outstanding transactions. We’ll save the details each time you reconcile your transactions in a handy PDF.

Premium Report

Customer Estimates

View a list of all estimates you have created for your customers. This report shows estimate details, like current status (e.g., pending). Filter your list by start and end dates, customers, and more.

Customer Payment History

The customer payment history report is your go-to for quick lookups and customer payment insights. Not only will you see the details of customer invoices and orders, but also when and how they paid you. It’s a favorite for savvy business owners like you.

Check Register

Our check register report gives you running balances and bank activity details so you can easily keep track of cleared checks and other transactions. Old school? Not this report. It's so slick, Accounting Premium customers can even attach receipts and documents to the transactions to keep it all together.

Profit and Loss Statement

Get to know your income, expenses, and net profit up-close-and-personal. The P&L statement measures the financial health of your business by showing income and expense details. Select a timeframe (e.g., month) to get started.

Accounts Receivable Aging

Stay on top of your past due customer invoices with a date-by-date breakdown. The Accounts Receivable Aging report clearly displays which customers are 30, 60 and 90+ days past due.

Account Trial Balances

Check out your account trial balances anytime, anywhere. Find out your current total balance for accounts such as assets and expenses. Choose a specific date, which accounts you want to view, and how you want the money to be displayed.

Balance Sheet

Your business’s financial health at the tip of your fingers. The balance sheet summarizes your company’s assets, liabilities, and equity at a specific point in time. Get a breakdown of what you owe and what’s owed to you with this accounting software report.

General Ledger

What’s the scoop on your accounts? Use this report to view your account activity for any given time. Select the date range, accounts, and accounting basis you want to view. Then, easily download the account activity information into a spreadsheet.

Unpaid Customer Invoices

Don’t lose track of who owes you money. Pull up a detailed summary of all unpaid customer invoices you have created and sent. You can get into specifics by selecting customers, invoice numbers, and due dates.

Bill Listing

Don’t forget about money you owe to vendors! Pull up a summary of payments you still need to make. Enter vendor invoice information like the vendor name, invoice number, invoice and due dates, and account for better Accounts Payables tracking.

Accounts Payable Aging

Never miss a due invoice again. The Accounts Payable Aging report breaks down what you owe vendors and when you owe it. This report clearly displays your total balance, current balance, and which payments are 30, 60 and 90+ days past due.

Vendor Payment History

Don’t forget what you paid vendors. See how much you paid vendors, the account category, and 1099 Type.

Sales Tax Report

Keeping track of sales tax won’t leave you in a panic anymore. You can view your sales tax information any time with the Sales Tax report. This report will keep you up-to-date on the sales taxes you have collected (and are waiting to collect) within a specified date range.


Manage each customer invoice using the Invoices Report. This report shows key invoice details, including current status, and lets you keep an eye on outstanding invoices. You can apply payments, email, or print the invoice right from here!

Invoice Details

Want a quick snapshot of the invoices you have already sent to your customers? If so, this report is for you. Each customer invoice details the products purchased and the status of the invoice is clearly labeled as paid, partially paid, or unpaid. You can email, print, or apply payments right from here.

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Before [using Patriot's accounting software], every single year I had a huge stack of receipts that I had to type by hand for my expenses. But now, I sync up my bank account, and it’s all there. It’s a lot easier than a spreadsheet of teeny-tiny receipts and going, “Oh wait, did I put that bill in?”

Rachel Beard, The Harmony Garden Music Center


Patriot has given us the ability to cost code all of our expenses through the accounting software. Without it, I would be spending hours upon hours creating spreadsheets that don’t run reports.

Megan Every, Boss Cider Company


I am currently successfully running payroll and using the accounting program. Both are INVALUABLE services to my business.

Amy, Wonderfully Maid Cleaning


The software is very easy to use. Setup was a breeze. Monthly processing and reporting is quick and detailed.

Josh, Mabloc, LLC


Patriot has saved me a lot of time on payroll and tax documents. This company has really given me a peace of mind and I'm able to focus on other aspects of my business.

Stephanie, Study to Show Learning Academy


The software is simple. The reports are sufficient and easily exported. For a staff of 1-25 or so, you cannot beat the value. I had great experience with their service team. Patriot took us from our first employee up until we had a major expansion and went to 40 employees.

Kevin, Riff Cold Brewed Coffee

You Got Questions?We Got Answers!

We’ve answered the most common questions so you can start using our affordable, accurate, and reliable accounting software like a pro.

We made this accounting solution simple by design. You do not need any special training to track income and expenses, generate customer invoices, or print reports for your accountant. There will be plenty of help articles and videos to learn how to use the software.

Yes! You can easily import data from your previous accounting software provider. Our accounting software allows for importing of vendors and contractors, customers, trial balance, and charts of accounts.

Yes. We integrate with CardConnect, a third party payment processor, to provide you and your customers with a seamless payment experience. You must sign up with CardConnect or be an existing merchant.

No. You can add (and invoice) an unlimited number of customers through the software.

Yes! With the Accounting Premium, you can send recurring invoices to your customers on your desired schedule at no additional charge.

There is no limit to the number of bank transactions you can import from your bank account.

Patriot will e-File 1099s for Full Service Payroll customers who are paying contractors through payroll at no additional cost for 2020 1099s and later years.  If you have Accounting Premium, Accounting Basic, or Basic Payroll, here are the filing fees:

Number of 1099sFee
1 to 5$20.00
6 to 35Additional $2.00 per 1099
36+No additional charge
Annual e-Filing Fees

For more information, check out our help article, Electronically Filing Your 1099s.

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