Wire Instructions for Patriot Software Direct Deposit

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Wire Instructions for Patriot Software Direct Deposit

If you use direct deposit with Patriot Software and have missed your normal deadline to run payroll, you may wire funds to Patriot Software as late as 1 banking day before the employee’s pay date.  On Payroll Step 1, you will have the option to choose to send a wire to our bank if your pay date does not allow enough time for direct deposit. 

When you finished running the payroll on Step 3, you will see specific instructions to wire money to Patriot Software, including Patriot’s bank information. If you do not record the information on step 3 of payroll, and need wire account and routing numbers for Patriot, please contact our support team.

Here is some general information:

  • Patriot will charge a $15.00 wire transfer payroll funding fee, in addition to any fees charged by your own bank.  This fee will appear on your next monthly software fee invoice.
  • Your wire transfer must be received by 3:00 PM Eastern Time by Patriot’s bank the banking day before your pay date.
  • Once your wire transfer has been sent, it can take anywhere between 15 minutes and three hours to complete the transfer process and post it to Patriot’s account.
  • If you need to send a wire transfer for more than one payroll run, you may send a single wire transfer, totaling all of your payroll runs.
  • Please send the exact amount of your direct deposit.  If you do not send enough, not all of your employees will be paid.  
  • After you have sent your wire, please email directdeposit@patriotsoftware.com with your company name, Patriot ID, and amount of the wire in the subject line.

PLEASE NOTE:  Patriot is unable to accept ACH direct transfers for direct deposit. 

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