Setting Up Pay Periods in Patriot TIME

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Setting Up Pay Periods in Patriot TIME

Before you can start using Patriot TIME, you must first set up your pay period schedule.  You will be prompted for this when you first go to Payroll > Time & Attendance Tasks > Manage Time Cards.

  1. Select the first day of the pay period in which you want to start creating time cards (not the paycheck date). For example, if your pay period is weekly and runs from Sunday to Saturday, enter the Sunday date.
  2. Enter the first Pay Period Start Date, and click Save.

After you complete these steps, any time cards you create will automatically use the pay frequency you selected when you added each employee. Based on this first pay period date that you enter, Patriot TIME will create a list of pay periods that appear in the dropdown list.

IMPORTANT!  If you need to change your pay period start date after you had initially selected one, you may change it.  However, note that changing your start date will remove any time cards that have not yet been sent to payroll.  You may need to copy the hours entered and enter them again after you have made the change.  You can continue to view historical time cards previously sent to payroll. The ideal time to change your start date is at the beginning of a pay period where no one has entered time yet.

To change your first pay period start date:

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