How to Pay a Bonus in Patriot Software

December 27, 2018


Here’s how to pay additional money such as “Bonus” or “Commission” when you are entering a new payroll for an employee.

  • Go to Payroll > Run a New Payroll
  • On Step 1: Payroll Entry, all frequently used money codes will appear.  These can be changed under Settings > Payroll Settings > Hour & Money Codes.
  • If you need to pay additional money that does not appear in your frequently used list, toggle the “Show all Hour & Money Codes” switch.  Any active Money Types in your Payroll Settings will appear.

  • Enter the dollar amount of the additional money type(s).
  • You can choose to tax money at the IRS supplemental tax rate of 22%.  To tax the money at the supplemental tax rate, choose money types under the “Money Supplemental Tax Rate” section.  For more information about this tax rate, see How to Tax Supplemental Pay.

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