Using the ESS Option in Patriot’s Online Payroll

March 19, 2018


Patriot Software includes an Employee Self-Serve (ESS) option that’s included in Patriot’s Online Payroll, gives your employees access to their own payroll history, direct deposit, and personal information.  The employee portal is included for free with both the Basic Payroll and Full Service Payroll.

With the employee portal software, your employees can log into the secure website at to view and print their paystubs, as well as manage their personal information.  In order for your employees to access their portal, you will need to send them an invitation to register.  They will create their own username and password.  For more details, see Employee Portal Registration Access.

If you want to explain in more detail how your employees can use their employee portal, feel free to start with our sample communication piece in the help article Communicating the Employee Portal to Your Employees.


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