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Adding, Clearing, and Disconnecting QuickBooks Time/TSheets Info

⚠️ We will be sunsetting integration with Quickbooks Time on 1/1/2025. After that time companies using Quickbooks Time will no longer have integration into Patriot Payroll available.

Adding info:

  • Do you need to match new employees, time off hour types, departments, or pay rate descriptions? No worries! Simply go to Marketplace > Time Integrations > TSheets > Learn More.
  • Click the “Match New Info” button to begin adding new information.
  • If you’ve already matched info and go back to match new info, the employees you previously matched will not show up.

Clearing info:

  • If you need to start over or delete information, go to Marketplace > Time Integrations > TSheets > Learn More and select “Clear All Matched Info.”
  • Keep in mind that this will start the import process over.
  • If you make a mistake, you must select “Clear All Matched Info” and restart the import process.

Disconnecting TSheets:

  • If you need to disconnect your TSheets account altogether, go to Marketplace > Time Integrations > TSheets > Learn More and click the “Disconnect TSheets Account” button.
  • If you disconnect your account, all of the TSheets information you entered will be deleted.

For more information about TSheets integration, check out our help articles:

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