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Great Ways to Motivate Employees on Your Payroll

praise people on payrollLooking for ways to inspire the people on your payroll? Open Forum shared some basic but fundamental tips to help improve employee morale — and boost productivity.

1. Show your appreciation. Practice saying thank-you. Give credit where credit is due. Take notice of an employee’s improvement or continued excellence, and respond.

2. Give them responsibility. You’ll motivate your employees when you show that you trust them with bigger tasks, no matter how small their role in the company. People want to know they’re helping to make a difference.

3. Praise publicly and criticize privately. While you don’t need to hoist your employee on your shoulders and shout hooray, praising your employee while he is in earshot is a great confidence-builder. On the other hand, don’t humiliate an employee by criticizing him when others are around.

4. Shower them with perks. According to the article, a good way to motivate employees is to give them something good to talk about (rather than complain about). A big raise may not be in your budget, but small luxuries can go a long way. Switch up the bland coffee with a premium brand, and you’ll see some gratitude within the ranks!

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